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Fiber cement siding is a building material used to cover the exterior of a building in both commercial and domestic applications. Fiber cement is a composite material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers.

There is most popular brand on the market - James Hardie® Thats why fiber cement siding is also known as "Hardie". Another popular brand is Allura®.

We have huge expirience working with them and we provide proffesional fiber cement siding installation services. To get a product broschure or material samples with a free estimate call us now at 778-788-2307

Beautiful Protection

Hardie plank comes in many different colors and shades and closely resembles the look, texture, and grain of wood siding.

However, unlike wood, Hardie board siding is impenetrable to any kind of climate-related damage or injury.

Weather: Due its concrete fibers, Hardie plank is impervious to any external elements, such as rain, hail, wind, flying debris, and humidity. Not only will cement board siding not chip because of its strength, it doesn't retain moisture either; therefore it never rots or swells.

Pests: This type of siding defends against most insects, such as termites, that can eat away at wood siding.

Fire Prevention: Because it is made of concrete fibers, Hardie board is even fire-resistant, protecting your home from any exterior threat.

The external cladding products require very little maintenance once installed and painted. The thicker/denser fiber cement products have excellent impact resistance but the thinner less dense products need to be protected from impact. Compared to wooden siding, fiber cement is not susceptible to termites or rot.

ColorPlus Technology

James Hardie siding products comes primed or pre-painted. Pre-paint technology calls Color+. There is 21 color avaliable in British Columbia. Benefit of using pre-finished material is 15 years of warranty that provide James Hardie. Usually its excellent quality of finish that lasts up to 2x longer.


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